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Tutoring and Mentoring

We don't just tutor your child and help with their homework.  We build relationships that last and inspire our students, helping them to realize they are special with unique talents that simply need to be molded.  High performing students will realize a new ceiling, we will shatter the word "average" for those who believe they are such, and students who previously did not enjoy school will find clarity and passion.


Enrichment Courses

We house a variety of fun courses for your child to enjoy while becoming well rounded. (Painting instruction, Jedi Training, Sign Language, Cookie Decorating, DJ/Public Speaking, and more) Save yourself the extra trips and allow us to provide the lessons and activities that interest your child.  We are a one-stop location for all of your child's educational and recreational needs.  

activity room.jpg


We built motivation into R1SE with a hands-on activity room, a Ninja climbing gym, an art studio, a movie theatre, a video game lounge, and tech lab.  Your child won't believe their eyes when they see the spaces we've created for them however we teach life lessons with our spaces.  Students know from day 1 that their positive reinforcement is earned with great effort academically.  Your child will be happier each evening as you take your family time back.      

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