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After years of success with our middle school students, our R1SE parents begged us to start a high school program so that we could smoothly transition our students to the next level.  We tried it and sure enough, our students soared with A report cards.  Therefore, we decided to officially add this program.  

Our high school program is for grades 9th and 10th.  We will support our students with homework, test prep, projects, and tutoring.  As with all of programs, we will help establish good "success habits" with organization, study methods, effort, etc.  Our students will come away better prepared for the future, confident, and ready to take on future challenges.  As our parents often echo, "This may multiply back to them in the form of scholarships one day." 

COST: $25/HR


Click on your location below and a sign-up form will pop up.  

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